Lake and Stream

Sun-washed lake

Streams of light

playing upon

rippling water

Rainbows hues


murky shallows

Lake Life

Cloud-filtered sunlight

shimmers enticingly

upon the lakes surface

Sepia-feathered ducks

dabbling for food

swimming, bathing, playing

by Amber

Nature’s Moods

Shimmering lake


colours and moods


nature’s tones

and timbres


upon my soul

by Amber


Toward Stillness

Clear mountain stream

Striking hard rock

Rushing, tumbling, wearing

Eroding, channeling, flowing.

Coarse-grained bed

Collecting pools of stillness.

by Amber

Rainforest meanderings

Crystalline stream

Refracted light

Pebble-lined pools

Water rushing over

Moss cushioned rocks

by Amber


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